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Dynamic Presentation™ Versions

The most effective marketing tool on the web.

  Master Web Version

* Includes all of the features listed
* Can be any length
* Hosted for you OR you can host it yourself
* All other versions are derived from this master version

  Computer Version

* A file for your mac or windows based computer
* No internet access needed
* Great for face-to-face sales presentations
* Great for seminars or projecting on to a screen

  Personalized Version       sample

* Create a personal version for each one of your sales reps. or distributors
* Complete with their photo, contact info., and email address
* It will boost their productivity and likelihood of selling your products
* Control your sales & marketing message
* Distribute the cost through your sales force

  Looping Version

* A file for your mac or windows based computer
* No internet access needed
* Looping, so it continuously starts over by itself
* Available count down timer between starts
* Great for trade shows

  Co-Branded Version       sample

* Company logos can be easily changed
* Local contact info
* Contact form results can be sent to rep or dealer
* Create a DP and sell the Co-Branded Version to brokers, dealers, or distributors

  Slide Show Version       sample

* A slide version of your DP
* Includes both a web version & a computer version
* Email a link or project it on a wall
* Great as the second step in your sales process
First step: Show your DP to pique and gage interest
Second step: Use the slide version to review and discuss the details

  Mini Version       sample

* A smaller version of the Dynamic Presentation™
* Usually embedded in a web site as a banner
* Multiple DP-minis can be used to effectively explain multiple products or services within a web site. This way you can email links to particular product pages within your web site and a portion of that page will contain your product focused Dynamic Presentation™.